Sephora + Pantone!

What?  It’s like two of my best friends found each other while randomly backpacking around Thailand and decided to get married after a few steamy weeks. Yay.


Summer Style


The other day I was inspired to put on, not a few, but all of my cheap little bracelets. I found the result perfect for summer; relaxed, colorful, and a little bit Captain Jack Sparrow. What could be better? The above bracelets are a mix of gifts and purchases from places like Venice, Italy and The Gap, there’s even a hair band in there.


So my mom gave me this lotion the other day…who knows why. But it passed my very strict smell test and is actually pretty decent.

But the name, Hempz, really?

Is it too much to dream of a world where we no longer think it’s cool and slang to add a Z to the end of a word to make it plural. And why is this product the plural hemps? Not sure.

Now I’m not going to lie, when Boyz 2 Men did it, it was awesome. And when John Singleton made Boyz N The Hood, it was also appropriately awesome.

But imagine if you saw Cuba Gooding Jr wearing this shirt today? The whole outfit really. It’s just unacceptable. At the time, the outfit was perfect. The title of the movie – great. The use of z to pluralize boys – fantastic.









But people, I beg, let’s just leave the Z plural off of our products for today’s consumers. Like Cuba’s outfit above, it was great in the recent past and is best left there. If you’re feeling nostalgic for something awesome from the early nineties, put on a little Cooleyhighharmony.

I Heart Maps

Have I ever mentioned that I love maps? Pretty big time actually.

So it’s no surpise that this is my new favorite piece of art. My dad gave it to me when I was helping him get ready for a yard sale. He was not planning to sell it, it had hung above my great-grandfather’s desk (on Martha’s Vineyard), and my dad always loved it. He said when he was a kid he couldn’t tell if it was a photograph or a drawing.

The date on the bottom says 1958 and it’s got just about everything I would want on a 1958 Cape and Islands map; the color palette, type, little tiny boats, amazing perspective. Honestly, even the simple frame is kinda perfect. I’m pretty sure Wes Anderson would give me big bucks to use this as a prop in a movie. Of course, I’m not selling but I will sit down with Wes and discuss it over some mojitos or cappuccinos, and maybe listen to some records or something too. I mean, it will be strictly platonic as I’m newly engage. We’ll just become friends and talk about maps and music and beverages. Ah, is this getting off topic? I’d say so. OK, that’s all.

An Invitation

You know it’s contents are special when the envelope looks like this:

The address has been beautifully hand calligraphed in a creamy tangerine ink. The return address is in a simple all caps sans serif letter-pressed on the back. Sigh. So much beauty in one little envelope. My cousin’s wedding invitation inside is just as lovely, maybe that will be tomorrow’s blog post.

Someone put a lot of thought and care into this invitation. Certainly, not everyone will notice every little detail, but even those blind to good design will know that it’s special. Oh, and I’m particularly delighted to have my name followed by two misters, hehe.